General Rules

The following Rules and Policies are for users' protection and benefit. They form an agreement between Sportsbook & Casino and its members. Please read the following carefully.

By registering and wagering on the Casino games and/or in the Sports offerings, you indicate full acceptance and understanding of all General Rules and Sportbook Rules as well as all of our featured products' rules.

When accepting and agreeing to our Rules and Policies at the registration page, you consent that may send you regularly information and updates of our products, services, promotions and other important notifications via the following channels of communication: regular mail, e-mail, text messages and phone calls. If you wish to withdraw your consent or otherwise indicate that you prefer a particular media, please contact Customer Service to indicate your preference.

Laws regarding gambling vary throughout the world, and it is the responsibility of each player to ensure he or she understands and fully complies with any laws or regulations relevant in their own countries or states. Only customers from USA are allowed to register/play with (customers from the state of Nevada are not allowed to register/play with Lucky99). All members of Lucky99 Casino & Sportsbook must be at least 21 years of age.

IMPORTANT! We have improved your account Security Settings in search of creating a safer entertainment environment for our customers. Please make sure you read thoroughly all the security layers your account is enabled with to fight Cybercriminals, data breaches and phishing attacks.

In order to receive live assistance through phone, email , you must provide your account number and 4-digit PIN to the representative. Keep in mind the account/4-digit PIN combination must be provided if the information you are requesting is specific to your account only. You can find more information about your 4-digit PIN on our Security Settings section.

All accounts must have a correct contact phone number listed in their account information on the date(s) of all deposits. Use of an invalid phone number is grounds for possible forfeiture of any/all winnings and bonuses. We reserve the right to request a phone verification call from the number on file at any time and make it a requirement of any procedure when deemed necessary and without prior notice. Failing to successfully complete the phone verification could lead to account closure and the forfeiture of any/all winnings and bonuses.

All accounts must have a valid e-mail address on file. Failure to have a valid e-mail may result in the account being frozen or closed and even the forfeiture of any/all winnings and bonuses.

Management reserves the right to request documents for identity and/or address verification, or any other identity proof from an account holder, at any given time without prior notice. Failing to provide valid and legitimate documents could lead to account closure and the forfeiture of any/all winnings and bonuses.

The personal identity and details of all members will remain confidential. will not report wagering information on behalf of any member. This is the sole responsibility of each member. For more information on how we handle your personal information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

For deposit and payout purposes, the name on file must match the name listed on your legal ID. Once the account is created, the name in the account CANNOT be modified or updated. recommends changing your password at least every 60 days. For instructions to update your password .If you need additional information or help contact Customer Service via Live Help.

If you have lost your account number or password, contact Customer Service  to receive retrieval instructions.

Customers may have one AND ONLY ONE account number with In addition, customers may only have one AND ONLY ONE account number per household, email address, phone number, device and IP address without prior permission from management.

Use of multiple account numbers, names, or groups of players working together in any fashion (also known as a "syndicate"), in order to receive higher winnings or bonuses, exceed limits or otherwise, are forbidden and may result in the forfeiture of ALL funds received/won. Any redundant accounts will be consolidated into one and an administration fee or negative outstanding balances may be charged, and payouts refused for each redundant account and in our sole discretion. All wagering transactions in redundant accounts are subject to reversal in our sole discretion. Bonuses will be removed from all unapproved accounts deemed to be from one entity. We also reserve the right to forfeit any wager placed in an attempt to defraud the house, whether a player does this on their own or in collusion with other players.

Professional card counters are prohibited. If you are found to be a professional card counter playing in our Live Dealer, your account is subject to immediate closure and all winnings will be forfeited.

Pool manipulation attempts in Horseracing will lead to account suspension and earnings from these types of schemes are subject to voiding/forfeiture.

If there is evidence of any type of rigging (tournament, match, event or price manipulation), Management reserves the right to void wagers or grade markets no action, pending the resolution of any investigation opened on suspicious betting activity. If we believe a customer deliberately participated in dishonest action of this nature, we reserve the right to void wagers or withhold payments on any suspicious wagers.

The activity that, in our sole assessment, deviates from expected betting patterns and could be evidence of rigging includes, but it is not limited to, unusual and significant number of bets originating from the same region, device, IPs, VPN/VPS services, or through accounts associated by account information or by similar betting patterns that may indicate insider information not available to the public; and/or any other indicator or pattern assessed by us as indicative of potential match fixing or rigging.

We are committed to ensuring the integrity of all sports and to participating in efforts to identify and eradicate match fixing. As such, notwithstanding any other website rules, or any provision of our Privacy Policy, by placing a wager on website, you expressly acknowledge and agree that we, in our sole discretion and at all times, reserve the right to report Irregular Betting Activity to sports federations, agencies, commissions or associations (or their respective agents) as we deem appropriate, with the objective to enable identification of unusual activity and avoid being an enabler of fraudulent actions that could harm our reputation and the transparency of the sports we offer markets on.

All wagers are final once accepted by and confirmed by the player, either over the phone or online. Members are responsible for checking all of their sports, horses, and lotto wagers in the review bets section. No Internet wager claims will be accepted without a ticket number.

All Internet wagers must be placed through the user interface provided by Sportsbook & Casino on its Web pages and by the account owner. Any Internet wagering through other means, including the use of a "robot" service, or posted through a third party or on behalf of a third party, is strictly forbidden and we reserve the right to immediately terminate or deny a player account access. In the event the use of non-approved client software is detected, Management reserves the right to invalidate all such wagers retroactively, cancel the player's account, and/or take any other action it deems appropriate.

Most events are graded immediately upon completion. Other events require extensive research and language translation to determine a final score. To report any score of an event you need to have graded. Please include a link or source of the score so we can process your wager(s) immediately. Please note we only use official sites for grading purposes.

On Mondays, at 8AM EST , the system runs end of the week computations. Grading of sportsbook wagers cannot occur during that time. Please make use of Rolling If-Bets to have action on games with winnings pending to be credited to your account. reserves the right to correct grading errors at any time. If an account reaches a negative balance due to the re-grade of an event, all in-progress pending wagers will stand and be honored. Since winning wagers in this instance will be honored, immediate settlement of losing wagers is also expected.

If a customer believes there has been an error on the grade/scoring of any of the tickets posted in his/her account, the player must submit the request of revision with our Customer Service Staff or email within the same week or a maximum of 7 days of the event in question conclusion. Claims submitted after that period will not be considered. reserves the right to reverse the incorrect application of funds into an account due to human or system/software error. Funds not intended to be credited into an account, will be reverted upon discovery.

Customers are responsible for settling all negative balances, regardless of the reason for it becoming negative. "Ignorance", "I wouldn't have made that last bet if I knew my balance would have been negative", or "It's not my fault the wager was graded wrong", will not be accepted as excuses for non-settlement of negative balances. Any account with evidence of being related to another account with a negative balance, could be charged for the amount owed and have high risk deposit methods blocked. reserves the right to void any bets that are not in progress, retroactively from the last wager entered, until a player balance is no longer negative. Players will be notified via e-mail prior to an event starting of any such decisions.

If a player believes that has posted an erroneous line, or time error, the player should notify immediately to verify if the line/time is correct.

Limits on each wagering option are reset within a few minutes of bets being posted. Limits also reset immediately when the line of the selection has moved. Management reserves the right to refuse and/or limit any wager, or lower overall account betting limits at any time as a permanent or provisional measure and without prior notice. Use of multiple accounts to circumvent limits is prohibited.

Management reserves the right to allow or deny payments, electronic funding methods or any gaming features offered in our sites when verification irregularities/difficulties arise or issues with offshore establishments are reported to be related to your account (regardless if these reports are valid or invalid) or other evidence suggest it. Credit card refunds could incur in a fee of up to $45 per individual credit card charge and will be issued upon Management's discretion.

All bonuses are manually approved and entered into the system by the Customer Service Department. You must contact, e-mail or over the phone to have your reward entered within 24 hours of the funds being captured.

Bonus programs, casino and bingo rewards, horseracing rewards, and any other seasonal or temporary promotions, are intended for recreational bettors only. Professional players, winning players or players considered, in our sole discretion, to be abusing the bonus system by any means, may have all bonuses revoked. Management reserves the right to confiscate the bonus, affiliate earnings and/or applied transaction fees in any account(s) deemed to be taking advantage of any of our bonuses or promotions.

Bonus abuse may be defined as, but not limited to, clients cashing out for redepositing in new accounts, depositing on top of an existing balance, referring new accounts that they are using themselves, among others. Management reserves the right to remove a player, as well as any associated accounts, from a reward program at any time. Please review our Bonus Rules here.

We reserve the right to restrict eligibility for special offers and bonuses when necessary. This includes but is not limited to placing geographic restrictions on bonus eligibility. 

Affiliate and cash back schemes will result in not only an account being eliminated from the program, but will also be responsible for fees incurred for all deposits and payouts being applied directly to the players account and/or the affiliates account.

Rollover amounts are based on each wager's true amount, which is the lesser amount between the risk and the win for each selection.

Transfers to certain third party vendors are considered redemptions/deposits for reward application purposes. If your account has registered action with third parties, prior payouts the action will be revised by the corresponding third party in order to ensure legitimacy of the winnings/losses (it can take up to 24 hours). Chip dumping schemes will always result in all accounts involved deletion and any profited funds forfeited.

Any payout request that does not qualify to be sent for free will be processed having the corresponding fees applied without exceptions. assumes no liability for funds once released and received by any monetary transfer agent/agency, institution, or company. Once you request a payment through any of the options listed in our payouts section, you agree to the terms and conditions displayed in the info pages that correspond to the processor issuing your redemption.

The advantage of free/discounted payouts will be permanently revoked for customers who have been found abusing our Rewards and Bonus Programs. This advantage will also be permanently revoked for accounts that have violated or transgressed rules and policies related to any feature or benefit offered in our sites (sportsbook, casinos, lottery, racebooks, funding methods, etc).

Customers are required to complete at least a ONE time rollover of the deposited amount in order to have a payout processed without incurring a penalty fee. If this requirement is not fulfilled, the account will not qualify for a free redemption. Credit card deposits, if any, will be refunded, and an administrative fee will be charged without exceptions. reserves the right to reverse fees covered on deposits. This will be done without prior notice if little or no play is made between deposits and redemptions (rollover not met), or minimum deposit amounts are not respected. It is up to’ sole discretion to determine appropriate play on a case-by-case basis. is not a financial institution and it is not to be used as a "go-between" for money movement between processors or other operations.

Individual payouts in the Classic Casino do not always pay as much as standard casino payouts. Some games have specific options which pay less, so other options can pay more. Players are responsible for checking the payout charts for each game before playing. Go to the Classic Casino home page for detailed information.

Both Racebook Platforms featured in our website pay track odds up to the maximum odds displayed for each racebook in the corresponding section. Please see Cash Back Racebook Payouts or Racebook + Payouts for maximum odds paid for different wager types and maximum net profit per race. Track consolation payouts, if offered by the track, will be paid as displayed in track results. If no payout is provided by a track, tickets will be refunded. Carryovers or pool type payouts listed by the track are not offered by’s Racebooks. No claims upon payouts will be accepted without the odds being displayed on the track's site.

All rules, regulations, and payoffs contained herein are subject to change and revision by the management without prior written notice.

If you are interested in becoming a Affiliate, you must agree to the following’s Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions.

See Sportsbook Rules for types of wagers and specific rules for sports wagering in the Sportsbook Main and each one of the other sports platforms we have available to our customers.