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With exclusive lottery offers your local corner store can't come close to matching, we are your online store to play any state's Pick 2, Pick 3, Pick 4 or Pick 5 lotteries – with 80% higher payouts!

Your Pick 2 $1.00 Ticket Payout here is $90

Your Pick 3 $1.00 Ticket Payout here is $900

Your Pick 4 $1.00 Ticket Payout here is $9000

Your Pick 5 $1.00 Ticket Payout here is $90000

Play in advance and never miss a drawing again!

When it comes to Lotto convenience, Lucky99 dominates. You no longer have to rush to the store just before the drawing begins. Instead, you can purchase your Lotto tickets for the entire month in advance. There has never been an easier way to play lottery.

With the different views it's always easy to buy your lotto tickets across different devices, Mobile or Desktop. Choose between the all-in-one Classic View or the guided-like step-by-step Lotto view.

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Play at home or on the go with the mobile-optimized Lotto View. It allows you to select step by step your entries.

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Desktop & Tablet

You can enjoy our Lotto room choosing the view of your convenience and play style. The Lotto View allows you to select step by step your entries and the Classic View allows you to see all in one screen.

How to play: Lotto View

How to play: Classic View


Our Lottery Room offers many options to make playing your numbers easy. Get familiar with what it has to offer so you can get the most out of it!

Viewing your tickets, reviewing past lottery results, customizing your profile, changing your settings, and sending your feedback so we can make it an even better experience. Go ahead and check the Lotto features in your favorite device!

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The following section shows payouts for all straight and boxed number combinations. The highest payouts come from straight plays with winning numbers in exact order. These plays are the most restricted, with fewer chances to win. Any winning 5-digit number from 00000 to 99999 that comes up in the exact order that you select pays 90,000 to 1.

A boxed play wins when your two, three, four or five digits come up in one of the orders shown in these chart. For example, a 3-way box is a 3-digit number (with 2 digits the same) that comes up in any order and pays 300 to 1. See more options below and take your best shot!

Maximum net profit per drawing is $100,000

State Listings

The following lists show the drawings we offer for Pick 2, Pick 3, Pick 4 and Pick 5. The time shown is the cut-off for each drawing in Eastern Time (ET).

Drawings marked with an asterisk (*) are not played on Sundays.