We are currently accepting BTC ONLY. No other altcoin is being accepted.

The average of the current Bid and Ask prices from bitpay or other bitcoin exchange services will be used for all currency conversions with USD at the time the deposit is processed. Management reserves the right to change the BTC conversion websites used at any time without prior notice.

In order to process a Bitcoin deposit, please login and go to the cashier deposit page. Click on the Bitcoin logo and enter the desired deposit amount in USD $, then click submit.

Send your Bitcoin to the address displayed. Once you send the transaction it will automatically be submitted for confirmation. Remember, you must request a new Bitcoin Address for every deposit made.

If the BTC amount you send is less than the BTC amount you had entered to request the Bitcoin Address your deposit will be delayed by at least 15 minutes more on top of the regular confirmation time to allow you to complete the promised BTC deposit amount.

Given the BTC price volatility, the currency exchange rate at the time of crediting your account could vary from the one you used as reference when executing the transaction. Due to this reason, we cannot be held responsible for differences in deposit amounts credited.

If your deposit is sent within 15 minutes of generating the bitcoin address, the currency exchange rate at that time will be applied for the USD conversion. If the deposit is processed after the 15 minute period, the current exchange rate will applied for the USD conversion.

Wagering is not available in the Bitcoin currency. All BTC transactions are converted to USD when credited to your account.

All deposits require a 1x rollover of the amount deposited in order to avoid additional fees. Winnings can be withdrawn at any time.

Money Transfers

contact us for more information about this method

Credit Cards

Login to your account and click on the Cashier link from the top menu. Select deposit and click on any of the options listed on the Credit Card section. Follow the instructions and make sure to fill the information correctly. The minimum amount that you may deposit using this method is $50 and there is a maximum of $350 per transaction (limits may vary).

After carefully filling out the Credit Card deposit form, hit "Submit". The information provided in the form must match the one used in your account. Third party cards are prohibited when using this funding option.

Please make sure you understand thoroughly the Terms and Conditions therein contained prior to using your credit card. By proceeding to deposit through this option, you are agreeing to all the Terms and Conditions attached to credit/debit card deposits.

Deposits via credit/debit card into your account are always free of charge and are processed 24 hours a day. Additional fees charged by card issuers for processing international transactions or any other reason will not be covered.

WARNING! Some of our processors may charge your card in a currency different than USD$, incurring currency exchange fees. These fees are credited to your account upon request by contacting Customer Service once your transaction no longer appears as “pending”.

All deposits require a 1x rollover of the amount deposited in order to avoid additional fees. Winnings can be withdrawn at any time.

IMPORTANT - Prior payouts, documentation of your successful Card deposits will be required to VERIFY YOUR ACCOUNT. To complete this process, please login to your account and from the ’Account’ dropdown menu, found at the top options, click on ‘Verification Form’. Please read carefully the requirements and confirm that your account information is correct by clicking the check box. Below this section, you will find where to type the information from your card(s) required to Verify at such point (use the “+” button for multiple cards). Further below, you’ll have the File Upload area to submit your documentation: an image of your legal picture ID, an image including the card number & name; we only require the image showing the first 6 and last 4: for example 1234-56XX-XXXX-7890 (please cover the numbers in between).

Upon discretion, other information may be required. Please make sure each document requested by our verification team is sent in a different attachment (do not put your ID or Card images in the same document). To finish, enter your password and make sure to confirm you are not a robot before clicking ’Accept’.

Management reserves the right to process card refunds for customers who deposit with credit/debit cards as part of a payout request or for the complete amount of payout requests.


Electronic Checks

You can deposit funds to your account directly from your bank account. This method is only available for customers with trusted account profiles.

Management reserves the right to allow, change or deny eligibility to Electronic Check deposits when verification irregularities or difficulties arise or issues with offshore establishments are reported to be related to your account (regardless if these reports are valid or invalid) or other evidence suggests.

For more information about your eligibility to use this funding method, contact Customer Service. This option is restricted from any and all customers residing and/or banking in New York state, both as a deposit and as a payout option.

Login to your account, go to the Cashier page, once there, click on the Electronic Check icon and fill all the information required in the following page.

You may use your paper check as a guide when filling out the online check as shown below.

IMPORTANT! Do not reuse check numbers for subsequent deposits.

After filling out the required information, click on Deposit Now to process your Electronic Check deposit. The funds will be available in your account immediately after it is approved by our system.

The minimum deposit amount allowed using this method is $200. There is a maximum deposit amount of $499 per transaction. Limits could increase once three Electronic Check deposits clear without any inconvenience.

Electronic Check transactions may take up to eight business days to clear and it varies depending on the issuing bank. Customers may be limited to one Electronic Check deposit per clearing period.

Payouts are subject to the clearance of all electronic check transactions registered in your account. All deposits require a 1x rollover of the amount deposited in order to avoid additional fees. Winnings can be withdrawn at any time.

Deposits via Electronic Check into your account are always free of charge and are processed 24 hours a day.

WARNING! In the event of a checking account being overdrawn by an Electronic Check deposit, we will not cover any overdraft fees.

IMPORTANT - Prior payouts, all Electronic Check deposits must have cleared. We will reject payouts or place them on hold if an account has Electronic Check transactions that have not cleared