Lucky99 Security Settings

Lucky99 strives to provide the best services to our customers with the highest security available nowadays.  All our security settings create a safe environment for you to enjoy all the entertainment we have at your disposal.  By registering with us, you can be assured your account security is our priority. We are continuously working on securing your experience when enjoying our website’s features.

Device-based Authentication Service (DBA)
Our Device-based Authentication Service enables one of the most trusted security measures your account could have. From the moment you register with us, the device used will be acknowledged as a trusted one, restricting access to your account from any other device that is not accepted as a trusted one as well. This service is managed through the Security Settings section found on the "Account" tab drop down of the main menu after login into your account. Please be aware all accounts submitting Bitcoin payout requests must have activated the Device-based Authentication Service prior entering the request. Failing to do so will result in the payout's immediate rejection. To read more about this security tool, please click here.

Password Security
Your password is the key to access your account through the website, along with your username. All passwords are encrypted, confidential and case sensitive. DO NOT share your password or provide it to our representatives.  Please keep it in the safest place possible, where you can guarantee it will not be accessible to unwanted individuals.  

Lucky99 recommends changing your password at least every 60 days.  To change your password, log into your Lucky99 Account using your current Username and Password.  Click on "Account" from the top navigation menu, then on Security Settings, and click on “Change password".  Afterwards, click "Send Link” in order to receive a verification link to the email address we have on file for you.  Once you receive this email, simply click on the link included to complete the identity verification process.  The next step will send you to Lucky99 homepage where you must log back into your account with your current Username and Password and you will be immediately prompted to change your password.  After this process is completed, the new password will NOT be displayed at any time. Please make sure you write it down correctly, remembering your password is case sensitive. Previously used passwords cannot be submitted again. There is a maximum of three password changes per 24-hour period. If you need additional information or help, contact Customer Service .

4-digit PIN
To receive live assistance from our representatives through phone, email you must provide your account number and 4-digit PIN ONLY.  Keep in mind the account/4-digit PIN combination must be provided if the information you are requesting is specific to your account only.  Certain inquiries may answered by providing your account number only. 

The 4-digit PIN may be updated through our website. Simply log to your Lucky99 account, click on Account, then on Security Settings, and click on 4-digit PIN.  In order to update the 4-digit PIN, you must provide your current 4-digit PIN and then submit a new one.  A 4-digit PIN previously used cannot be submitted again.  If you do not remember your 4-digit PIN, please contact Customer Service for assistance on its retrieval.

Online login information recovery
If you have forgotten your account number or your password, you may retrieve this information by clicking the “Forgot your login info?” link from the Player Login box on the website.  You will need to provide either the email associated to your account or your account number, and click Submit.  A verification link will be sent to email address on file.  Once you receive this email, simply click on the link included to complete the account information recovery request and proceed with the instructions displayed.  If you need additional information or help, contact Customer Service .

To provide suggestions about Lucky99 security settings for your account, do not hesitate to contact Customer Service and provide your feedback to our representatives.