Jacks or Better Video Poker Diamond Casino

Game Objective:
Jacks or Better is played against the machine.  The objective of the game is to obtain a five-card poker hand that contains at least a pair of Jacks or better, to the maximum of a Royal Flush.

You first place a bet, and then are dealt five cards.  You then choose the cards you want to hold and the cards you want to discard.  The machine replaces the cards you discard, leaving you with your final hand.  You win according to the rank of your hand.


Game Overview:
All suits (spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs) have equal rank.

The game is played with a single deck of 52 cards.

The cards are shuffled at the start of every game.

Only the highest winning hand will be paid.


How to Play:
Bets are placed by selecting the 'CHOOSE COIN'.  Pressing this button will cycle through possible wager amounts.  The minimum wager is $0.01 USD and the maximum wager is $5 USD, the player is able to bet their wager up to 5 times.

The total amount wagered is shown in the 'Wagered' box.

The value of coin you are playing is shown on 'CHOOSE COIN'.  You can press this button to change the coin value.

The number of coins being played is shown in the 'BET' box; you may play between one and five coins per hand.

The coins can be increased by pressing 'BET ONE'.

The 'BET MAX' button automatically sets the machine to play five coins of your chosen coin value.  Clicking on the 'BET MAX' button also automatically starts the next game.

PAYTABLE - The machine pays out as per the 'PAYTABLE', which is shown by pressing the pay table button.  The prizes shown in the PAYTABLE are in coins and each column corresponds to the number of coins bet (one coin to five coins).  The total win amount is the number of coins won multiplied by the coin value.  The total win amount is shown in the 'WIN' box.


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Click 'DEAL' to receive five cards face-up.

You now have a choice to hold one or more cards in your initial hand.

Clicking on a card will place a 'HOLD' symbol on that card.  To remove the 'HOLD' symbol, click on the card again.

After making your selection, click 'DRAW'.  The cards that are not held will be replaced, leaving you with your final hand.

Your win is based on the combination of the final set of cards, according to the pay table shown under the pay table button.

Your winnings are shown in the 'Win' box and reflect the pay table payout.  The value is the amount of coins won.  To calculate the monetary value earned, multiple the coin value by the number of coins earned. 

Your game balance is shown in the bottom right-hand side of the game screen, under the title.

The default bet for the next game is the same as the amount you bet in the previous one.  You can choose to increase or decrease your bet as you wish by clicking on the 'REBET' button.

Press the '?' button under the game balance to view the game rules.

To turn in game sounds on/off press the sound button to the left of the help button.

To exit the game, press the exit button to the right of the help button.


Payoff Rules:
The paytable lists the prizes for winning hands.

Only the highest winning hand is paid.

All prizes shown in the pay table and 'Win' box are shown in coins.


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