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Faerie Spells Slot Game in the 3D Casino

Uncover the secrets of the undergrowth in Faerie Spells, the 3x5 videoslot where woodland spirits brew potions in the shadows, and any toadstool can hide a hoard of treasure.

A traditional alternative to modern fairytales, the symbols in Faerie Spells paint the natural world as a place of uncharted wealth and wonder. Faeries and pixie princesses are joined by wild, green-bearded tree guardians, will o’ the wisps, and glowing, magical trees. The ruler of the realm, the Faerie Queen, can conjure two different features: her aura causes toadstools to reveal their riches, in the form of multiples of the player’s bet; and three or more of her royal symbols triggers the unique jackpot game.

Taking place on a special playfield in the Faerie Queen’s hidden workshop, Betsoft’s signature shared jackpot feature challenges players to collect special potion phials over the course of 10, 15, or 25 free spins. Every drop of potion collected contributes to one of four tiered jackpot recipes being concocted by the queen: the Spells of Plenty, Luxury, Wealth, and Riches. When a symbol is collected, it’s removed from the reels and other special symbols cascade down in a magical shower. With Betsoft’s innovative "Buy-In" feature, players can pay to trigger the max number of free spins on demand as many times as they like.


Overview Play of Faerie Spells



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Toadstool Treasures
These common symbols carry instant cash prizes that are only summoned from the shadows when a Faerie Queen symbol also appears on the reels.

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The Faerie Queen
A dual-feature symbol, the Queen not only uncovers the monetary awards beneath the mushrooms, but transports players to her hidden workshop where jackpot spell recipes await.

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Faerie Queen Free Spins
A dedicated reel set and symbol cascades challenge players to collect enough potion phials to fill one of four tiered jackpot pools, with more free spins awarded for 4 or 5 Faerie Queen symbols. At any time, players can trigger the max number of Free Spins by using the innovative ’Buy-In’ Feature.

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Signature Shared Jackpots
Faerie Spells is one of the first games to share a jackpot prize pool with other Betsoft titles that also use the ’Trail System’ creating the potential for life-changing wins.


Game Rules

- Faerie Spells is a 5 reel, 10 payline video slot game with wild symbols, a free spins feature, tiered jackpots, scatter pays, and a double up minigame.
- 3+ FAERIE QUEEN symbols trigger FAERIE QUEEN Free Spins feature.
- Each jackpot has it’s own trail, and each jackpot symbol only advances the trail for the jackpot it represents.
- All jackpot symbols are removed from the reels and advance the jackpot trails.
- After the symbols are removed, the reels cascade and any further wins are calculated.
- The scatter symbol only appears in Faerie Queen Free Spins mode.
- The scatter symbol pays in any position
- Game pays from left to right only.
- Only the highest win on a line will be paid.
- Malfunction or misuse voids all pays and plays.


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Game Type: Video Slot
Reel Type: Standard Reels
Reels, Paylines: 5 Reels, 10 Paylines
Default Coin Values: 0.01, 0.02, 0.05,0.10, 0.25, 0.50, 1.00
Default Min/Max Bet: 0.10 /10.00
Default Bet: 1.00
Game Name: Faerie Spells
Release Date: 21 January 2019
Number of Lines: 10 Paylines
RTP: 96.03%
Max Possible Win: 12,252


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Platform Availability: Desktop (HTML5); Mobile (HTML for iOS, Android, Windows & iPhone).
GameID(s): Desktop: 798, iPhone: 798, Android: 798, Windows: 798
Game Version: 1.0
Paytable Version: 1.0
Desktop Resolution: Recommended: 1280x720
Maximum: 1920x1080
Min Recommended: 1067x600
Mobile Resolution: 1067x600
Jurisdictions: Malta
Total Download Size: 22.5 MB (Desktop) 10.2 MB (Mobile)
Initial Download Size: 14.8 MB (Desktop) 5.2 MB (Mobile)
Desktop Est. Load: 31 Seconds @ 5Mbps
Mobile Est. Load: 35 Seconds @ 3G Speeds


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Play 3D Casino/images/Double-Up.png?v=3000001179



• Jackpot can only be won during the Faerie Queen Free Spins feature.
• During the Free Spins feature, special “Jackpot” symbols can appear on the reels. There are 4 different jackpot symbols, corresponding to 1 of the 4 tiers of jackpots.
• The 4 tiers of Jackpots are (from Highest to Lowest): Riches, Wealth, Luxury, and Plenty.
• Each Jackpot symbol earned during the Free Spins feature adds to its corresponding Jackpot Trail shown during the Free Spins feature.
• If enough matching symbols are earned, the corresponding Jackpot is awarded.
• Jackpot Trails reset at the end of the Free Spin feature.

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- No minimum wager is required to trigger the jackpot. Any valid wager will apply.
- Jackpot can be won during the Free Spins feature, whether it occurs naturally or via the Buy-In feature.
- Only one Jackpot can be won from a single wager.
- Jackpot cannot be won if using a Free Rounds Bonus (FRB).
- Jackpot cannot be won if any part of the wager involves Bonus Cash.
- Bonus Cash does not contribute to Jackpot pools.
- Jackpot is shared with other games that are part of the ’Signature Shared Jackpots’ system. All contributions from games participating in the Signature Shared Jackpots’ system are pooled together.
- Any game participating in the Signature Shared Jackpots system can trigger a jackpot from the same pool.

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Button Descriptions (Computer)

Sound On Toggles sound on or off.

View Pays Information on Paylines, Features, and Bonus Round.

Previous While in VIEW PAYS, button displays previous information page.

Return To Game While in VIEW PAYS, button redirects player to the main game screen.

Next While in VIEW PAYS, button displays next information page.

Choose Coin Clicking allows player to increase their coin played. You can select from the following coins: 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.25, 0.50, and 1.00.

Select Line Allows player to increase or decrease their number of lines played. You can select from the following number of lines: 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 10, 12, 14, 16, and 18.

Bet Per Line Allows player to increase or decrease their bet per line. You can select from the following line bets: 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Spin Activates a round with selected Coin, Bet Per Line and number of Lines.

Max Bet Spin Activates a round with the selected Coin, 5 Bet Per Line, and 18 Lines. Total coins bet is 90.




Button Descriptions (Mobile)

Spin Activates a round with selected Coin, Bet Per line and number of Lines.

Home Takes you back to the main mobile games page.

Back Takes you back to the main game screen from the paytable, bet parameters, or autoplay configuration screens.

Options Tapping the green button will open the options menu.

Sound This sw itch toggles th e sound on and off.

Bet Takes you to the bet control page.

Paytable Shows the game paytable.

Autoplay This button will take you to the autoplay settings.

Stop Auto This button will stop the current autoplay cycle.

Start Auto This button will start th e current autoplay cycle.

Cancel Auto This button will cancel the autoplay currently in use.

Skip This button will skip any animated feature.