Lucky99 Live Wagering Options

House Live Wagering

House Live Wagering Rules

House Live Wagering offers Live Wagering on Football, Basketball, Baseball, Tennis, UFC and more. House Live Wagering offers lines during commercial breaks on televised games. Find it in the Sportsbook Main on desktop and mobile platforms.

To find House Live Wagering options, log into the Sportsbook and click on "Straight & RIF" from the left hand menu. If House Live Wagering is available, it will be listed under the specific sport as "House Live Wagering".

Ultimate Lines

Ultimate Lines Rules

Ultimate Lines offers a huge amount of live events, plus you can get a rebate on some of your bets.

Ultimate Lines Rebate
Ultimate Lines US & Canadian customers will receive a 2.941% rebate on their wager's true amount for winning and losing wagers on Baseball, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Soccer and Tennis. Push/tied or cancelled wagers do not qualify for a rebate. For example, on a $600 wager to win $100 on Tennis, you could earn a rebate of $2.94.

Ultimate Lines is the latest Live Wagering product that offers a variety of ways to wager during your favorite sporting events. Live Wagering options are available on Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Hockey, Golf, American Football and Tennis.

Choose from a huge selection of Live Wagering options including period, halftime and quarter lines, even or odd props, moneylines, 3-way results/full time results, point spreads, 2-way handicap, 3-way handicap, O/U, game totals, team totals, Asian handicap and much more. You can even choose to turn select wagers into a parlay.

Straight wagers on Football carry a 0 rebate. All parlays including parlays with Football games will have rebates paid.

Ultimate Lines wager rebates are considered a bonus. Management reserves the right to lower or remove the rebate at any time for any or all accounts, on one or all sports, without prior notice.

Where to find Ultimate Lines

Log in and click on "Ultra" from the Sportsbook drop down menu.

You will see a variety of Sports listed. Click on your preference.

Under each Sport, you will see a variety of options listed. Click on the game you want to bet on.

Now with your selection added to your bet slip, the minimum and maximum limits for that selection are shown. Add the amount at Stake and the system will show the amount you may win. Then click on SUBMIT TICKET.

Super Lines

Super Lines Rules

Super Lines offers an amazing selection of in game betting options on Soccer, Baseball, Hockey, Football, Basketball and Tennis. You will find in-game options on most of the day's games.

Where to find Super Lines Lines

Log in and click on "Super Lines" from the Sportsbook drop down menu. You can also access Super Lines directly from the drop down menu before you log into our site.

You will see a variety of Sports listed under NOW PLAYING. Under each Sport, you will see a variety of options listed. Click your on selection. You can add as many as you want from the menu.

Now that you have selected your bet, add the amount you would like to Risk and then click on Place Bet if you have what you want or Clear Bet Slip if you want to cancel your bet. The maximum bet is $500 on the base amount.

Don't forget to check out the Upcoming Live Events for that day!

*Football currently unavailable.

Premier Lines

Premier Lines Rules

Premier Lines offers Live Wagering options for all major sports. Now for the first time you can bet live in-game on major e-Sports leagues. Includes Overwatch League, CS:GO Pro League, Dota Major Championships, League of Legends Championship Series and many others.

Where to find Premier Lines Lines

Log in and click on "Premier Lines" from the Sportsbook drop down menu.

Log Choose By Calendar or Outrights

Choose by Sports or Discipline: eSports

Confirm and Place Wager

Platinum Lines

Platinum Lines Rules

Platinum Lines offers 2 platforms: The Pre-Match and Live Betting, you can easily change between the two. Pre-Match Platform offers new features like Quick Links, an easy way to access the most important events of the day and check the variety of Sports listed under Events. In Live Betting you can mark your games and have fast access to them.

Where to find Platinum Lines Lines
Log in and click on "Platinum Lines" from the Sportsbook drop down menu.

Odds Format
The betting (mode) is defaulted to American, the Decimal and Fractional it can be changed in the upper left corner, of preferred.

Pre-Match and Live Betting
Platinum Lines offers 2 platforms where you can choose from, the Pre-Match, and the Live Betting (you only need to click on the green button to change from Live to Pre-Match).


Live Betting

Quick Links (only for the Pre-Match platform)

Gives you fast access to the most important events for the day. You will see a variety of Sports listed under Events, for 1 hour, 4 hours and 24 hours. Click on your preference.

Favorites (only in Live Betting platform)
You can mark your games, to have a fast access to them in the favorite section.

Select the Game
Under each Sport, you will see an array of options listed. Click on the game you want to bet on. Click on the lines/odds of your preference.

Type of Bet
Now that you have selected your bet, choose the type of bet: Single or Multiple, and add the amount you would like to Risk or Win. (Multiple is not available in Live Betting)

Submit Ticket
Click on "Submit This Ticket" if you have what you want or click on the red trash can bar, if you want to remove the bet from the betslip. Wagers are final once you confirm your bet on the bet slip (you will have a second confirmation in Pre-Match only, before the wager is final).

The grading of events offered on Platinum Lines are done through an automated feed from the supplier of the betting platform. No event will be manually graded unless a period of 3 hours has passed since the outcome of the wagering option was determined.

Second confirmation

Scores and game details displayed on our Platinum Lines are for reference only and are not guaranteed to be accurate. Delays in scores or any other game details displayed by the provider are completely out of our control and will not have any impact or bearing on the game grading. We recommend betting on events from which you have other information sources.