Super Lines

*Football currently unavailable.

Super Lines offers a variety of ways to wager during your favorite sporting events. Offers a huge amount of live bets on major and some unconventional sports.

Conveniently available on both your computer and mobile device, you can get in the action while on the go. Simply log into the Lucky99 Sportsbook and click on "Super Lines" from the Sportsbook drop down menu.

For Super Lines General Rules: Click here

*Please refer to Rule Book (inside Super Lines platform) for specific ruling by Sport, Category & Prop

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Where to find Super Lines

Log into your Lucky99 account and click on "Super Lines" from the “Sports” drop down menu.

You will see a variety of Sports listed to the left. Under each Sport, you will see a variety of countries and leagues listed as well. As you make your selection you will see the lines available to the right.

Now that you have selected your bet, add the amount you would like to Risk or Win and then click on Place Bet if you have what you want or the X on the upper-right corner of the Bet Slip if you want to cancel your bet. The maximum bet is $500 on the base amount.

Don't forget to check out the Calendar for upcoming live events!